T-Mobile G2x smartphone sold on eBay ahead of launch

If you have major geek lust for the T-Mobile G2x smartphone that is set to launch on the 20th of this month, you missed your chance to be the only person you know with the handset ahead of the official launch. Someone got their geeky mitts on a fully functional G2x way early and naturally headed to eBay to make a buck off the thing.

The auction is now over and when listed it had a buy it now price of $999. No one wanted the smartphone enough to end the auction early and pony up nearly a grand for the G2x. The final price the smartphone got up to was $799.

I can't image wanting a new phone so bad that you were willing to pay so much more than the retail price just to get it a few weeks early. I wonder if the smartphone was purchased by someone that wants to tear it down online.

[via PhoneArena]