T-Mobile G1 Q&A brings further insight to device

Brenda Barron - Sep 23, 2008
T-Mobile G1 Q&A brings further insight to device

After the demo video finished and the execs announced the pricing and availability, the T-Mobile G1 event turned to the audience with plenty of questions about the device, the platform and everything in between.

Let’s touch on a few of the questions and their respective answers:

The G1 will not tether. You will have to purchase a voice plan as well and it can read Word and Excel files and GMail push will be supported. There won’t be desktop sync, but there will be a back-end one.

WiFi is included and while anyone in any area can purchase the phone, you will be notified if 3G is not available in your area. There will be no A2DP at launch, however, it will sync with all Google apps. As we heard before, the browser is based on the same webkit as Google Chrome, so you could think of it as as a Chrome-lite of sorts.

We can expect a big advertising push for the T-Mobile G1 starting in October, just prior to the device’s launch.

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