T-Mobile eyeing Clearwire for 4G network deal

T-Mobile may not have the biggest network in the US, but they're considering big plans to work around that fact.  According to Robert Dotson, T-Mobile USA's chief executive, the carrier is considering forming joint ventures with cable companies or WiMAX network Clearwire to boost subscriber access to high-speed connectivity.

However, while Sprint may have been heavily involved in the WiMAX roll-out in the US, that doesn't mean T-Mobile are looking at it as a potential ally.  Despite rumors to the contrary over the past several months, Dotson dismissed the possibility of the two carriers joining forces.  "What you never want to do is take one company that is going through challenges" he told investors, "and take another company going through challenges."

While the plans seem pretty ambitious, Dotson was keen to keep expectations in context.  "[We're] not looking at how you change the configuration of the US market" he insisted, with the plans – if they pan out – expected to only give T-Mobile subscribers access to 4G speeds.

[via cellular-news]