T-Mobile Dash 3G by HTC gets unboxed, first-impressions [Video]

Chris Davies - Jul 1, 2009
T-Mobile Dash 3G by HTC gets unboxed, first-impressions [Video]

T-Mobile’s latest Windows Mobile smartphone, the Dash 3G by HTC, is set to land this week, but over at PhoneMag they’ve already been playing with the QWERTY candybar.  Vincent has suffered a bout of nostalgia with the new handset, comparing it to the original Dash, but the new Dash 3G keyboard racks up the kudos as “one of the best if not the best” he’s used.

Unboxing video and hands-on demo after the cut


There’s also praise for the dualband UMTS/HSPA, though the absence of a flash for the 2-megapixel camera is noted.  Still, that’s not enough to counter Vincent’s favorable first-impressions, aided no doubt by Windows Mobile 6.1 running fast on the smartphone.

T-Mobile are yet to confirm pricing for the Dash 3G.  For the full gallery and all the first-impressions, check out PhoneMag’s post; the complete review is promised soon.

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