T-Mobile Binge On Cleared from any Net Neutrality issues

One of the best things that T-Mobile has done in recent years for consumers is to unveil its Binge On service. Binge On is a service that allows subscribers to stream all they want of video from certain providers without touching their monthly data allotment. This is a big deal since most shy away from streaming video because of the bandwidth consumed.

Among the services that Binge On supports are Netflix, HBO Now, and Hulu. YouTube will come on board in the future. The problem for some with Binge On is that they thought the service violated net neutrality rules by prioritizing some services over others.

FCC chairman Tom Wheeler has now come out and said that Binge On doesn't violate any rules, but if a complaint is put forward officially a vote would be made. A consumer advocacy firm called Public Knowledge said that the consumer should be allowed to decide which video services were used on Binge On.

Binge On hasn't been flagged by the FCC so it seems that the consumer advocacy firm is losing this battle. It would be great if consumers could choose their favorite video streaming platforms. Presumably the video sites are paying T-Mobile to be on Binge On, but that is unclear.

SOURCE: Digital Trends