T-Mobile Apple Watch Series 3 deal discounts wearable for the holidays

Thinking about picking up an Apple Watch Series 3 for yourself or someone else this holiday season? T-Mobile is hoping you'll get the device through it, and to help sweeten the deal comes a special offer: $50 off the wearable starting today. The deal is being offered to both new and existing customers who can get up to 5 watches per account at the discounted rate.READ: Apple Watch Series 3 teardown still leaves one big mystery

The $50 discount isn't given at the time of purchase, instead being applied later on as a bill credit. To get the deal, the customer needs to buy the watch under T-Mobile's Equipment Installment Plan and activate it on the DIGITS plan. There are multiple versions of the Apple Watch to get from the carrier, including the Nike edition.

As with most of the other promotions, you're required to maintain the wireless plan associated with the watch, otherwise the discounted amount is charged. As well, the discount is hinged on meeting T-Mobile's credit check requirements. Ultimately the discount is spread out across the 24 monthly payments of the installment agreement.

Many companies are introducing promotions this month, no doubt hoping to snag some customers ahead of Christmas. Sony, for example, is launching some big bundle discounts on both the PlayStation 4 Pro and the PlayStation VR headset, the latter of which will be available for as little as $199. Samsung has also brought back its popular Black Friday $400 trade-in promotion, which offers up to a $400 credit toward either a Galaxy S8 or a Note 8 in exchange for certain smartphones.

SOURCE: T-Mobile