T-Mobile Android TV set-top box appears on FCC website

It appears that T-Mobile is working on yet another set-top box of some variety, this one sporting Android TV. The device has appeared at the FCC alongside a few images, indicating that T-Mobile will soon introduce a new device for use with its T-Vision home television service. Though this isn't the first time we've seen a T-Mobile box appear at the FCC, it seems the company may be stepping away from its proprietary platform.

T-Mobile offers a home television service called T-Vision that includes more than 150 channels alongside HD DVR, on-demand content, and voice control support for Alexa and Google Assistant. The service is priced at $90/month, plus the company offers add-on channels like HBO starting at $6/month.

Customers who want to watch the content throughout their house can also pay $10/box for the T-Vision streaming boxes that connect their TVs. The new leak found by 9to5Google is an FCC listing for an upcoming T-Mobile T-Vision device that will, based on the documents, be powered by Android TV rather than running a proprietary platform.

The listing only includes pictures of the remote control, which includes the T-Vision branding, as well as T-Mobile's iconic magenta color. The remote also has dedicated buttons for YouTube and Netflix, as well as one for summoning Google Assistant. The presence of that latter button reveals the platform will run Android TV.

SEI Robotics, the same company behind a number of Android TV devices, is the source for the hardware in the T-Vision model. It seems that rather than being actual 'box,' the new T-Mobile Android TV product may come in the form of an HDMI dongle/stick, though a lack of images of the actual device makes this unclear for now.