T-Mobile Android 12 update lineup officially revealed

JC Torres - Oct 3, 2021, 8:46pm CDT
T-Mobile Android 12 update lineup officially revealed

Android updates haven’t exactly been the best in terms of timing. Things are getting better but, considering there are so many players and moving parts, it’s unsurprising that it still isn’t on Apple’s level. Much of the blame has been placed on carriers which are often the last stop before an update rolls out to phone owners. In an attempt to dispel that image, T-Mobile is revealing which phones are currently in line to get Android 12 without actually committing to when it will happen.

Android 12 is most likely just a few weeks away from launching, and, aside from Google’s own Pixel family, phone manufacturers are most likely racing to announce which of their phones will get the update first. Some of those might even arrive before the month is over, a far cry from the state of affairs a few years back. Of course, those OEM promises mostly apply to unlocked models are at least indicate when they’re passing the ball to network operators who, in turn, will have to do their own processes first.

The latter mostly happens behind the scenes and doesn’t usually even have open beta testing periods like what OEMs have. To help drive excitement for Android 12, however, T-Mobile’s Des reveals the phones under its care that are already seeing some action, at least from the manufacturer’s side. This includes several of the Pixel phones, OnePlus phones going as far back as the OnePlus 7T, the Galaxy S21 series, and, of course, T-Mobile’s own REVVL V+.

To be clear, this doesn’t mean that T-Mobile is already conducting its own tests, which is another stage that is quite empty at this time. The Android 12 status page, however, does give the carrier’s customers a glimpse of what is happening behind closed doors and, more importantly, which phones will be getting the update. Des does note, however, that it isn’t a complete list yet, so users probably shouldn’t lose hope if their phone isn’t there yet.

T-Mobile also put up a page that lists some of the highlights of the Android 12 release. These range from personal features like a new look & feel to privacy improvements like the new Dashboard. As to when these phones will get their updates, the carrier is conveniently mum and will most likely pass the buck to manufacturers first.

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