T-Mobile: All Smartphones Free February 11 & 12

T-Mo has just announced one of the crazier deals in their long, storied history of crazy deals. As a Valentines Day celebration, the carrier will offer all of their smartphones for free. This deal will only be good on Feb 11 and 12. Customers will be able to take advantage of the craziness both online and in retail outlets.

Supplies of the better T-Mobile phones- like the Vibrant and the G2, are likely to be rather constricted. If you plan to hit up a store, you'd better get there early. Nothing gets people to commit to expensive, multi-year contracts like a shiny free phone.

That's what T-Mo's betting on, anyway. The imminent Verizon iPhone has them quaking in their magenta boots. This is a (slightly desperate) attempt to reduce the potential pool of Big Red iPhone owners. Two million or more are expected to sell, so T-Mobile has their work cut out for them.

[Via T-Mobile]