T-Mobile adds Amazon, Fox News, and WWE network to their Binge On service

Chris Scott Barr - Jan 28, 2016, 12:32pm CST
T-Mobile adds Amazon, Fox News, and WWE network to their Binge On service

T-Mobile made waves last year when they announced their Binge On service. If you’re not familiar, with Binge On, you can stream all of the content you want, without it eating into your data plan. The only caveat is that it only applies to specific streaming content providers. While the service rubs a lot of people the wrong way, the company continues to add new compatible streaming services to its list.

Today, T-Mobile announced that they are adding Amazon Video, Fox News, Univision NOW, and the WWE network to its growing Binge On list. This brings the list up to 40 different content providers that T-Mobile customers can stream without eating into their monthly data plan.

In addition to the announcement of new streaming options, the company also released some data about how people are using the Binge On service. It would seem that customers with the service are now spending twice as long watching videos on their phones. And since launching Binge On, customers have streamed 34 petabytes of video to their devices.

The other news that they announced is probably the most concerning. They mentioned that one service that’s compatible with Binge On has seen a 79% jump in daily viewers since they were added. Another announced that customers are watching 33% more hours worth of content since teaming up with T-Mobile for their Binge On service.

This means that because T-Mobile is allowing people to access certain content providers without using up their data, they’re actually driving business to these services. It stands to reason that their customers are actively choosing not to watch content from other providers, since it still eats into their monthly data plans.

I’m sure that T-Mobile customers are happy about getting to watch lots of content without paying hefty fees for data usage. But it’s an unsettling to think what would happen if this idea catches on with other providers.

Source: T-Mobile

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