T-Mobile ad takes Verizon & AT&T potshots over iPhone 4's 3G [Video]

T-Mobile USA doesn't have the iPhone 4, but it does have an HSPA+ network and an ad team keen to point out the limitations of its "corporate" rivals, AT&T and Verizon. In the carrier's latest spot, T-Mobile points out that the iPhone's usefulness is undermined by its mere 3G speeds, whereas of course T-Mo has a few HSPA+ smartphones on offer.Video after the cut

T-Mobile tells us that "there's no fun in having a great device running on a slow network," which perhaps unfairly blames Verizon and AT&T for Apple's modem shortcomings. As confirmed in the Verizon Q&A earlier this week, Apple was reluctant to use first-gen 4G LTE hardware in its smartphone because of size considerations.