T-Mobile 5G drone will offer unique video coverage during live events

T-Mobile has teamed up with The Drone Racing League to launch a magenta-colored 5G racing drone. According to the Uncarrier, its new drone is one of the first racing models to feature 5G connectivity, enabling it to stream live video to the Internet. The drone will be leveraged as a tool to shoot unique perspectives during live events, with the MLB first in the pipeline.

Compared to their more pedestrian counterparts, racing drones are exactly what they sound like: drones designed to operate at fast speeds with a high level of agility. The drones are paired with first-person-view goggles so that the operator can see a live feed from the drone's camera.

Racing drones can be used for more than just competitor racing, however, as they are also uniquely situated to operate alongside fast-paced action for unique video perspectives. T-Mobile said that its new 5G drone will be used in this way at the MLB At Field of Dreams Presented by GEICO, where it will capture "unprecedented behind-the-scenes" FPV videos of the ballpark and movie site.

T-Mobile explains, "The 5G drone will take fans on a flight across the cornfields to the movie set to see the house and original ballfield, then on to the MLB field where the long-awaited Field of Dreams Game will be played." The video, of course, will be streamed over the carrier's 5G network.

In addition, T-Mobile's 5G racing drone will be used to capture events during The Drone Racing League's 2021-2022 season. Viewers will get exclusive pre-race previews of the drone racing tracks, among other things. Content is captured using HD and FPV cameras at speeds up to around 60MPH.