T-Mobile 3G fix for Nexus One painfully simple?

Chris Davies - Jan 20, 2010, 4:29 am CST

The Google Nexus One has been one of the more hyped devices in recent memory, and the aftermath of its release has been punctuated with complaints about patchy 3G performance on the T-Mobile USA network.  Some users found that, despite the Nexus One being capable of HSDPA/HSUPA, they were limited to EDGE connectivity, even in areas where other devices were pulling in far faster 3G speeds.  Over at jkOnTheRun they’ve a basic fix that seemingly addressed the connectivity shortcoming, and it takes all of 30 seconds to implement.

Apparently our old friend Kevin C. Tofel was able to kick the Nexus One onto a T-Mo 3G network connection by simply heading into the settings and allowing the smartphone to “Select Automatically” from the networks it has to choose from.  There’s no telling what’s actually been causing the poor 3G management, but if this fix addresses the problem for users then it could be a poorly implemented network prioritization setting loaded onto the Nexus One initially.

[via Android Community]

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