T-800 Terminator Bust Made from LEGO

Evan Selleck - Dec 16, 2010
T-800 Terminator Bust Made from LEGO

We know that LEGO can be used to make some pretty impressive things. Even if they are one of our favorite childhood toys, those with the time and ability can create works of art with the tiny blocks. Of course, the more detail used in the creation of any particular LEGO statue the better, and so when we saw this T-800 Terminator bust, we couldn’t help but start drooling a little bit. Especially with those glowing red eyes.

The level of detail in this bust is impressive. Unfortunately though, there aren’t a lot of details regarding the design process, or if the designers have any intention of making a full-body Terminator. The images were found on Flickr user thire5’s album. The bust includes those glowing red eyes, and a stand where the T-800 upper-body rests. And, as you can see on the “inside” of the stand, there are even tiny LEGO skeletons in there. Again, just impressive. Hopefully we get to see more Terminator inspired creations, using more LEGO blocks, of course.

[via OhGizmo!]

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