Syntax-Brillian Olevia line gets larger 1080p displays

The largest is the 265TFHD which hits the 65" mark. It has removable speakers for those that prefer to use a surround sound system instead of the craptastic included stereo speakers included with most sets.

There is a QAM tuner for HD cable, RS232 network support, and a ton of ports ranging from HDMI and component inputs to USB. Sadly the USB port can so far only be used for firmware upgrades.

There is also a new 47" version, the 247TFHD, which has a slight less powerful video processor and the speakers aren't removable. The prices aren't too bad for flat panel 1080p HDTVs, 2 grand for the 47" and 7 grand for the 65" one.

Syntax-Brillian announces large-screen 1080p sets [via electronista]