Synology DiskStation Manager makes jump to version 4.2 beta

While most companies seem to use CES to unveil new products and hardware, some use the show to launch new software. Synology is one such company, bringing its DiskStation Manager up to version 4.2 beta during the show. DiskStation Manager, as pretty much every Synology user already knows, is the operating system the company has developed for its network attached servers.

The list of new features found in DiskStation Manager 4.2 beta is absolutely huge, so Synology users are definitely in for a treat. Some of the major highlights of this release include an expansion of QuickConnect to cover DS Photo+, DS File, and DS Audio. This upgrade should make it easier for new users to set these features up, which is always a plus.

iOS users now also have a DS Cloud app at their disposal, which seems to essentially be Synology's in-house version of Dropbox. DSM's Package Manager is also getting a pretty major overhaul with this release, and it adds a bunch of new ease-of-use features and new apps that users have specifically been asking for. If you've been bugging Synology for new apps and functionality in the Package Manager, there seems to be a pretty good chance that your wishes have been granted.

Jumping back to the Cloud-related features, Synology has done quite a bit with syncing in this latest release. For instance, Cloud Station is being brought up to version 2, and with this new version, the size limit for files is doubling – now users can sync files up to 10GB in size, rather than just 5GB. DiskStation Manager 4.2 beta is available for download right now from Synology's website, with the full release following in another month or so. Be sure to check out our CES portal for all of our coverage from the show!