Sync brings wearable utility to the whole family

Wearables are al the rage, but their aim is often a bit myopic. some focus on fitness tracking, others notifications. Some simply measure steps taken, while others are there to track your entire life. Sync, currently being funded in IndieGoGo, is not only meant for you, it's meant for your family as well.

Sync offers up more than just a simply platform for tracking vitals, it brings a platform for your whole family. You can do much f the same things other wearables do — like track sleep patterns or track fitness goals — but this is a familial effort. The benefits to Sync are available to the entire family, even kids.

In addition to simply fitness tracking, Sync can keep a watchful eye on your kids, even when you're not. Using location awareness, Sync has a Digital Zone you can apply to alert you if the kids get too far away from you. It requires no data plan, and you set the roaming distance you're comfortable with for the kids.

Sync will also let you know where your little ones are, should they get lost in a crowd. Sleep patterns can also be tracked, and vital health info can be shared to anyone you like. Caregivers and babysitters will get more detail on your family's health info than ever before.

Sync comes in two sizes — one for kids, one for adults — and is made of hypoallergenic TPU rubber. You can back the water-resistant band for as little as $69 right now, nearly half of the proposed retail pricing. The project is 30% funded, and still has over a month to go. Sync plans to ship their wearable starting in February.

Source: IndieGoGo