Symwave preps first USB 3.0 external storage for CES 2009

One week from now, the next-gen USB interface with full promises will make its run at CES 2009. The USB 3.0 version 1 enabled storage will get its first demo after a long 3 years in standardizing the new protocol. The demonstration will come from the Orange County based Symwave, who claimed to have achieved the World's first USB 3.0 or Superspeed USB external storage solution, at CES 2009.

The SuperSpeed USB 3.0 has 10 times better bandwidth than existing USB 2.0 technology at 4.8 Gbits/s, excels the current eSATA interface and requires lower operating power while maintaining backwards compatibility; no doubt, it's the next new wave to be featured in the next generation CE devices such as flash drives, external hard drives, Blu-ray drives, digital cameras, and many other speed-hungry electronics devices. The eyes are on Symwave now to deliver the first external storage with Superspeed USB technology.

Current Laptop and PC users need not panic, the new standard will find it way though ExpressCard or PCI Express slots expansion. Your equipments will not obsolete when the USB 3.0 arrives. Besides, it's fully compatible with USB 2.0.

[updated : corrected typo "Symwave"]