Symbian Still Number One Smartphone Platform According to Gartner

With the explosion of smartphones, most of the focus has been on the iOS and Android platforms. However, neither of them is the top smartphone platform- yet. According to a new report from Gartner, for Q4 2010, Nokia's Symbian is still leading Android – just barely. This will not last, though. Nokia's Symbian sold 111.6 million units in 2010, but it lost market share,  from 46.9% in 2009 to 37.6% in 2010. Android sold 67 million units, making it number two, but Android grew by 888.8%.

Nokia is scheduled to make an announcement tomorrow regarding moving to a new platform. Insiders say that Nokia will be moving to Windows Phone 7, though there have been talks with both Microsoft and Google. Google's VP of Engineering, Vic Gundotra's, recent dig at Nokia on Twitter that "Two turkeys do not make an Eagle" makes any teaming up by Nokia and Google unlikely. Microsoft, with only 4.2% market share, is far from being a market leader, but teaming up with Nokia could help them climb up out of the basement.

In any case, we can be sure that by Q4 2011, Symbian will no longer be the top mobile platform.

Slashgear will be covering the Nokia announcement in London live tomorrow.

[via Mashable]