Symbian SlingBox Client Comes Stateside

So the SlingBox has become pretty popular as far as place-shifting goes its as great as it gets. You can connect this wonderful box to your TV and then connect just about anything else with a screen and a network connection and it will play on it.

Up until just recently that list didn't include devices powered by the Symbian OS. But with time, all things change, so now there is a SlingBox client for the popular mobile phone operating system.

This whole matter is very hard to get working properly without at least a 3G connection. Wifi is best, but 3G and higher will do, it supposedly works on EDGE (yeah, wonder what the test conditions were for that one) but the beta they are offering apparently is recommended for HSDPA/UMTS connected phones running the Symbian OS, so go sign up and begin decreasing your productivity now.

Sling Media launching Symbian SlingBox client for the U.S. [via boygeniusreport]