Symbian Losing Market Share While Competitors Continue to Climb

In today's world, everyone has their favorite whatever. Whether it's video game console, beer manufacturer, or mobile Operating System, there's always reasons why (and why not) you should pick one over the other. For Symbian, the OS made famous by Nokia, it looks like that time in the limelight is starting to decline, and at an accelerated rate. That is, if Nick Jones of Gartner is to be believed.

Jones, who wrote a quick research note on his blog, seems to go out of his way to make sure that the bleak picture about Symbian's current state of affairs, and what's still to come, is clear as day. As it stands right now, it seems that Symbian is still the head of the pack, but it's quickly losing its footing. While competitors like Android and iOS continue to gain market share, Symbian is falling. And it's getting worse before it gets better, as the rate of decline is growing.

Jones points out that features that Nokia are planning on introducing, like audio policy packages, and other features of little importance to the general consumer, just isn't good enough, and it's not going to be the reason they get pulled from the rut they currently find themselves in. Jones goes on to say that Nokia needs to start doing extreme make-up work — to the point where they should have a design contest. Just to have something to strengthen the ranks, if Symbian^4 falls flat, as some predict it will. There's all sorts of talk about the demise of Nokia as a whole — do you believe that Symbian plays a big part in that? And, perhaps the bigger question: can it all be saved in today's market?

[via Gartner]