Symbian-based SYMBEOSE axed before EU splashes its €22m

Remember SYMBEOSE? The open-source project prompted no shortage of scratched heads late last year, when the European Commission revealed it planned to inject €22m ($31m) into turning Symbian into the "Embedded Operating System for Europe." Now, with Symbian's future well off Nokia's long term to-do list, it's been confirmed that the SYMBEOSE plans have been scrapped, and thankfully before a Euro has been spent.Carl-Christian Buhr, who works at the EU Commission on the Digital Agenda for Europe, revealed SYMBEOSE has been axed on Twitter. The reasons behind the decision are unknown at this stage – and there's no mention of the project on Nokia or Symbian sites – but we're guessing Nokia's decision to chase Windows Phone had something to do with it.

SYMBEOSE had been considered an ideal candidate for embedded devices like internet-connected gadgets and cloud-computing tech. What will step in in its stead remains to be seen, though Android continues to build momentum.

[via Engadget]