Symbian 3 OS unveiled via video [Video]

Symbian's gone open source recently for the first time in history, and they're also showing off a completely overhauled mobile operating system at Mobile World Congress 2010.  Take a look at the demo clip after the break.

Promoted as Symbian^3, (Symbian cubed?), momentum scrolling, swipe movements, and pinch-to-zoom are all supported on the touch-enhanced mobile operating system, and a single-tap interaction model has been implemented across the UI board, simplifying multitasking as well as menu complexity.  There's also support for multiple, highly-customizable homescreens, and a galore of widgets.  You can also watch HD content at full 1080p on TV display via a Symbian 3 smartphone, as well as purchase tracks from a music store of your choice.  In short, multimedia has gone full-blown on the new Symbian OS.

And as CNet noted, Symbian 3 is a stepping-stone to Symbian 4, expected to be prepared by the end of the year, bringing a key revamping to its mobile operating-system.  And if you're watching the video, the background music's turned up a bit, so watch out.