Syfy’s sci-fi TV show ‘Defiance’ has been cancelled

Brittany A. Roston - Oct 19, 2015, 6:29 pm CDT
Syfy’s sci-fi TV show ‘Defiance’ has been cancelled

Defiance, a science fiction television show that caught the public’s attention by offering a video game counterpart, has been cancelled. The show has had a three-season run, but won’t be returning for a fourth season, according to a new report. Though the first season was successful, Defiance’s last two seasons have faltered. This news follows Syfy’s cancellation of the fantasy TV show “Dominion.”

Defiance, despite its cancellation, was an important entertainment experiment — it tested the waters that lie between television and video games, offering a so-called “transmedia” experience by offering a story that was woven in with a paired video game, also named Defiance. That title was produced by Trion Worlds.

It seems modern audiences are ready for such transmedia efforts, as Defiance saw success with its first season; it drew high ratings in 2013 when its first season aired. Unfortunately for Syfy, the next season in 2014 didn’t hold the same viewer favor, and it dropped even further during this past season, which ended in recent months.

For those unfamiliar, Defiance took place in the mid-21st century and revolved around a foreign-to-us earth where aliens have taken residence. Coexistence between these aliens and humans isn’t happening without trouble, and that’s where the show’s team comes in, being tasked with, among other things, making it all work.

SOURCE: Variety

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