Swype beta update released, offers several fixes and features

Brittany A. Roston - Mar 19, 2013
Swype beta update released, offers several fixes and features

The folks over at Swype have rolled out version, a beta release for those who like to try the newest iteration of software and aren’t afraid of taking on a bit of risk. This feature brings with it a variety of new features and fixes, including Advanced Language Models for more languages and improved tap response.

Perhaps its biggest feature update is the addition of Advanced Language Models for Belgian Dutch and Hindi, but there are some other updates as well. The Word Choice List in Polaris Office has had its behavior spruced up, and the notification drawer has had its subtype text tweaked to be more accurate.

Gingerbread users will be happy with this beta release, as well, because the bug they experience when turning the handset to landscape that makes the app crash has been corrected. Speaking of crashes, the release also includes fixes to various crashes that the company’s beta community has reported. Tap input has been improved so that it is more responsive, as we noted above.

The bug where Android’s default voice input icon showed up for the microphone instead of the Dragon icon has been fixed. These are the biggest changes, but according to Swype, “many more” improvements and fixes have been implemented as well, which you can find for yourself by giving the beta a test run. Are you using it? Let us know what you think in the comments!

[via Swype Forum]

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