Swordsman Isao Machii Becomes Real-Life Fruit Ninja

Isao Machii, often referred to as a modern-day samurai, is a master swordsman who has wowed enthusiasts in the past with his superhero-like reflexes and sword skills. In his latest video, he has gone a different direction, becoming a real-life Fruit Ninja.

Fruit Ninja, of course, is the fruit-based swiping game for smartphones and tablets that pits gamers against flying fruit and wayward explosives. The player swipes a finger across the screen, slicing fruit in half like a ninja wielding a sword.

Machii recently did the same thing, only he used a real sword to hack his way through a variety of fruits being lobbed at him (no bombs in sight, fortunately). The fruit was sliced through seemingly effortlessly, and it doesn't appear he missed any.

The event was the brainchild of Pillsbury, and as one of many ever-present ad placements, he also sliced his way through a hurled toaster strudel. It, like the bananas and pineapples, met a swift death.