Swivl motion-tracking mobile video device gets official

What you're about to see is a device by the name of Swivl that does two things: first, it holds your smartphone or small video camera – two, it stands in place and turns its head back and forth, up and down, all depending on where you are with the sensor it's trained to follow. Not only this, but you can take awesome comfort in knowing that this device is crowdfunded, meaning it was not one investor, but large handful of persons from the public sector that decided the design should become a reality. It's every industrial designer's dream!

In the past, this design was known as IndyGoGo, and today marks the official start of the final product and name [Swivl] combination going live as well as the first time real video of the device that'll actually be going on sale are released. The website for this page, swivl.com has a whole new batch of information (which you can essentially find here in this post as well) and the product will officially be available starting in early 2012 in North America. While we wait for the product to come to market, we can take a peek at what it's capable in the video you see here:

While the device is made for the iPhone and the iPod Touch, it can also hold Android devices under 11mm in thickness and is able to work with mountable pocket cameras like GoPro and Flip. The sensor marker you see in the video works with the Swivl itself, not the smartphone, so you wont have to worry about that bit being compatible – however, there are some video controls on the marker too that only work with iPhone 4, 4S, and iPod Touch 4th gen, so note that. Apple devices can be charged while sitting in the Swivl also.

The estimated retail price of the Swivl is $159.99, and you can reserve one today at Swivl's reservation page.