Switzerland testing emergency supplies drone

Thoughts of getting your pizza and new toys delivered by drone are fun, but others see more altruistic possibilities with these aerial vehicles: on-demand defibrillators, medical supplies in hard to reach places, and in the case of Switzerland, emergency supplies of different sorts during times when traditional transportation isn't ideal. This could include, says Swiss Post, everything from using drones to ship post-storm emergency supplies to high priority lab tests. This is only one example of possible future uses, however.

The thought process behind using drones to deliver vitals goods is easy to follow. Storms, for example, could cut off access to a group of people who need medical gear. A drone wouldn't be hindered by such things and could be used to deliver the items.

Swiss Post and Swiss WorldCargo has teamed with California drone maker Matternet to test drones for "diverse applications", one of which is emergency supply delivery. The trio have also shown off a drone model that was made in conjunction with these goals (shown above).

Swiss Post is pointing toward a five year timeframe for getting drone delivery mobilized, with things like legal regulations being one of many things that must be ironed out. Many companies are looking to take full advantage of drones, however, and pressure from them is speeding up the removal (or formal establishment) of red tape.

VIA: Gizmodo,Swiss Post