Switch Lighting introduces liquid cooled LED bulbs

Switch Lighting is introducing a new line of LED lightbulbs today that offers tweaks to conventional LED bulb design. The design makes use of liquid cooling instead of solely relying on the heatsink at the bottom of the bulb. The company plans to introduce three new bulbs to replace incandescent options, with wattage ranging from 40 to 75. Prices are expected to be between $40 and $50.

Switch's bulb design is markedly different from competitors. Typically LED bulbs position the LED chips at the bottom near the heatsink, but Switch has opted to put in the globe at the top half of the lamb instead. The globe is filled with liquid designed to help cool the bulb. The new design also means light is more evenly distributed like incandescent bulbs.

Power consumption is low too: the 40-watt equivalent bulb consumes 8 watts, while the high-end 75-watt will consume around 17 watts. Switch is introducing the three variants today, and will make a 100-watt equivalent available later on in the summer. While these bulbs are aimed at businesses (hotels in particular), Switch is said to be working on low-cost models for consumers.

[via CNET]