Switch gameplay on display in new Apex Legends trailer

The Switch version of Apex Legends is just around the corner, and today we're getting a new look at how the game plays on the platform. We've seen a little bit of Apex Legends Switch gameplay in the past, but that was just a brief look during a Nintendo Direct. This new gameplay trailer gives us a much better idea of what the game will look like and – perhaps more importantly – what kind of graphics sacrifices Respawn Entertainment had to make to get Apex Legends running on the Switch.

After all, most modern games, AAA games being ported to the Switch need to make some kind of compromise in the looks department if they want to run smoothly on Nintendo's hybrid platform. Perhaps the best example of this are various games published by Bethesda – DOOM, DOOM Eternal, and Wolfenstein, to name a few.

Judging from the trailer, Apex Legends still looks pretty good on the Switch, though the graphics hit is noticeable. Textures are bit more muddy than usual, while character models are less detailed. If you're used to playing Apex Legends on something like a high-end PC – or even an Xbox One or PlayStation 4, for that matter – the drop in graphics quality will be clearly apparent.

Of course, what matters most in competitive games like this is a stable framerate, and we won't know if the Switch version can achieve that until the game is out and we're playing it. If this graphics hit can guarantee a consistent frame rate, then it'll all be worth it.

As a reminder, the Switch version of Apex Legends will support cross-play and will be at "full feature parity" with other versions of the game. Since the Switch version will be launching a few weeks after the arrival of season 8, those who purchase the Apex Legends battle pass on Switch will get 30 free levels so they can catch up with other players. Apex Legends is out on Switch on March 9th.