Swiss Military Watch is tougher than you are

You know, if you are going to call something the Swiss Army Watch I expect the thing to have a screwdriver, a spoon, and a fork built-in. At least throw a toothpick in or something. Still the Swiss Army Watch is pretty cool and much tougher than you are.

The watch is good to a depth of 20,000 feet where the arm attached to it may be crushed to a pulp, but you could still get the time of your own demise. The watch can also withstand a gunshot and being blown up by a stick of dynamite.

That kind of toughness sounds cool and all, plus the watch is attractive. The big catch is that the thing costs over $4,400. It also sports Valjoux COSC-certification, whatever that means. Do people still wear watches today? I haven't owned one in years. At least you can wash your hands with this thing on with no fear.

[via CrunchGear]