Swiftmoji brings predictive emoji keyboards to Android and iOS

The use of emoji is something that only seems to get more popular by the day, but as the popularity of emoji rises, so too do the sheer number of them. After all, there are just so many emoji to use these days that it can be difficult to find the perfect one for what you're trying to say, even though you know it's out there. SwiftKey recognizes this struggle, and today rolled out a new emoji prediction app for iOS and Android, aptly named Swiftmoji.

For those who never got acquainted with SwiftKey, its keyboard – which shares the company's name – allows users to pull off mobile typing faster through a combination of swiping support combined with predictive text and suggestions. Once you take a couple of days to adjust to the keyboard, it actually helps speed up typing on a mobile phone significantly. Swiftmoji streamlines the use of emoji in the same way, using a similar predictive feature to suggest emoji based on what you've typed.

While it's available on both iOS and Android, there are a few differences between the two versions. Swiftmoji is offered as an emoji keyboard on iOS, while on Android it's a full keyboard replacement. Android users will also have some increased functionality in their version of the app, as it will attempt to learn your emoji habits over time to provide better predictions, and allows users to keep a Swiftmoji predictions row in view at all times, which changes up the predicted emoji as you type.

While SwiftKey may seem like it has more real world applications that make it worth a download, there's no denying that emoji are quickly taking over the world. Having a tool like Swiftmoji installed could prove to be quite handy for emoji aficionados, especially ones who can openly admit that they spend too long searching for the perfect emoji while they're composing a message. If that sounds like you, maybe you should consider giving Swiftmoji a download from the App Store or Google Play Store.