SwiftKey speaks at CTIA 2012: VIP Community is vital

This week we've caught up with of SwiftKey's finest, Evan Tapper their community manager and Joe Braidwood their CMO, speaking today about how important their community of beta testers is to their final product. SwiftKey is an Android-based on-screen keyboard, it acting as a complete replacement for the keyboard you've got built-in to your own Android device. What we've spoken with SwiftKey about today is how this keyboard comes about: not just through a group of developers sitting behind desks, but through a community of users like you working with their developer team to bring about the best experience they can muster.

The next generation of SwiftKey will be a perfected version of what we've been working with over the past few weeks, that being SwiftKey 3 – currently still in Beta. Any user who wishes to participate in a beta download and test can do so by heading to the VIP Community at SwiftKey. This community is exactly what SwiftKey's community manager Evan Tapper spoke with us about today.

Next we spoke with Joe Braidwood about how important the VIP community is and what it does for the end user. He uses an example of SwiftKey 3's Smart Space feature. With this feature you're able to type one word and start another without adding a space yourself, one then added for you automatically. This space is added intelligently by the software itself and takes more than just a wink and a nudge to program in, of course.

We can expect a whole lot more out of SwiftKey in their SwiftKey 3 release which will be coming out soon! Stick with us here on SlashGear for more CTIA action via out CTIA 2012 portal and see all the sweet SwiftKey hands-on we've had since we first got our hands on it months ago!