SwiftKey on Android gets Microsoft Translator for real-time translations

Brittany A. Roston - Sep 27, 2018, 5:23pm CDT
SwiftKey on Android gets Microsoft Translator for real-time translations

SwiftKey, the mobile keyboard acquired by Microsoft, has added a major new feature that will help users communicate with others who speak a different language. The Android version of the app now features an integration with Microsoft Translator, the company’s own language translation software. Using this, anyone can view real-time translations during conversations.

Traditionally speaking, translating content from one language to another has required something time consuming: using a dictionary or, later on, a translation website. Copying and pasting text into and out of a translator disrupts the flow of the conversation, making real-time transitions directly within a service ideal.

Some platforms already support direct translations, such as Facebook, where users can click to view a translation of comments in their own language. The company’s Messenger app has similarly added a real-time translation feature, though it is more limited in availability.

For Android users, Microsoft is offering an alternative: SwiftKey. According to the company, users can translate within the keyboard without having to copy and paste the text. The feature supports both incoming and ongoing messages.

Assuming the user has Microsoft Translator installed, they’ll be able to use the translation feature even when they’re offline. The feature supports more than 60 languages. The big benefit here is the ability to get these translations within any app, including ones that do not natively support in-app translations.

SOURCE: SwiftKey

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