Sweet Wrex Titanium Adjustable Pocket Wrench is perfect for the MacGyver in you

If you are the handy sort or the type that has a car that needs constant attention you need to have something like the Wrex Titanium Adjustable Pocket Wrench on you at all times. This little tool has all kinds of cool things that a dude might need at any point and it's made from titanium for lightweight. Plus, it looks really cool.

The wrench was machined out of 6AK-4V titanium and heat-treated 154Cm stainless steel. The wrench weighs 2.9-ounces and has a trigger lock adjustable wrench jaw. It also sports a titanium coated knife blade. That knife blade can be removed with an onboard flat tip and phillips screwdriver head.

That wrench can adjust from .100" minimum up to .85 max allowing it to fit up to a ¾ inch nut. It has a wire-stripping hole and a bottle opener built in. That means you can pop open a cold brew after you MacGyver your way out of whatever problem you run into. The wrench is up for pre-order right now for $179 with shipping set for early May.