Swedx Tree-V made from wood

Just when you thought those blasted environmentalists had enough things to complain about when it comes to home theater equipment manufacturing processes, someone has to go and kill a tree to make a TV. Swedx is the company, now they say that this is actually more environmentally friendly because they are naturally sustainable resources, but I think they are forgetting the length of time required to grow a big enough tree to be able to cut those large pieces of wood out of it.

I am no mathematician, but if I had to guess, that TV won't even last a tenth of the time it will take to grow a large enough tree to make another. Anyways, these wooden TV's will be sold in the UK at Curry's and Dixon's, well, the 19-inch models will be.

The 19-inchers aren't full HD, but Swedx sells screens up to 46-inches diagonal that are full HD or 1080p. They also make an entire line of computer equipment if you like the look of wood on electronics.

'Tree-V' TVs coming out of the woodwork [via Crave]