Swedes get iZettle in June for iPhone credit card payments

Here in the US we have a bunch of different credit card readers and associated apps to use for taking credit card payments right on your iPhone. One of the most popular that you can get in the Apple Store right now is the Square Reader. All the US card readers I have seen so far have the same thing in common, you have to swipe the card to get the data or manually enter it. Many of the credit cards today have integrated sensors so you don't have to swipe.

We have all been standing in a store at some point and had the cashier swipe our card a dozen times, wrap it in a bag, and then swipe it again just to get your credit card to work. No one wants to have to try that with their iPhone. People needing to take credit cards on their iPhone in Sweden will have another option come June with iZettle. The cool thing about this card reader is that it takes payments from the credit cards that have chips with the card details in them.

That means that you don't have to swipe the credit card with the iZettle system, you just slip the credit card into reader that plugs into the charge and sync port of the iPhone. The system will deposit the funds daily into the user's checking account and the receipts can be sent to the people that pay via Facebook. The iZettle reader is large at almost half the size of the iPhone. The reader is EMV approved and meets PCI-DSS regulations that govern credit card security in Sweden. Those regulations ensure that the traffic on the card network is encrypted. The only downside to this is that at least here in the US, most credit cards lack a chip, and I see no swipe on the iZettle reader.

Update: Johan linked us up with a nice video of the iZettle in action, thanks!