Swappa Boneyard opens up for accessories, busted phones

Nate Swanner - Jun 20, 2014, 2:23pm CDT
Swappa Boneyard opens up for accessories, busted phones

Have a device that isn’t working right? Maybe the power button is busted, or the screen has a crack. You could have it fixed, but that might end up costing more than you’d like to spend. It could be time to sell it, but who wants a busted phone? Swappa is introducing the Boneyard, a place to buy and sell those phones you can’t sell elsewhere.

The Boneyard is as it sounds — a place where phones of all shapes, sizes, and usability go to find new life. In addition to busted devices, you’ll find cables and other mobile related items. Though you can list more items than you’d be able to on Swappa proper, it’s not a free-for-all.

Those items that meet Swappa’s guidelines for sale in their normal marketplace can’t be listed in the Boneyard, and anything reported lost or stolen is also ineligible. Also, items that have no bearing on mobile tech can’t be listed.

It’s a great avenue for listing items you wouldn’t ordinarily have the chance to sell, but it may not be the Swappa experience you’re used to. With so many issues relating to devices, and the wide open arena that is the Boneyard, pricing will be hard to regulate.

Source: Swappa

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