Swann Security OutBack Cam Features 2MP Camera and Built-In DVR

When it comes to security, having a mounted camera somewhere where you need watched at all times of the day, or particular times in the night, is one of the best methods. It means that you always have a pair of eyes there, so if something does happen, you have it on video. Unfortunately, not all cameras are meant to stay out in the weather for long periods of time, especially if moisture gets in the picture (no pun intended). That's why Swann Security's new OutBack camera, with its all-weather housing, is perfect for those in inclement weather locations.

The OutBack cam's stand-out feature is the all-weather, rugged casing. Meant to keep the camera, equipment, and DVR safe-and-sound within, it should be able to stand up to weather like rain, wind, and snow without much of a problem. We wouldn't recommend throwing it into a hurricane or tornado, but that should go without saying, probably. The camera on the inside is of the 2MP variety, and it has the ability to record video, or snap up some photos. It can even do color or black and white, based on your preference. Video recording can be triggered by motion, or you can set it up to start at a particular time, which you can alter with the LCD display within the box. It has multi-faceted mounting options, which means you can hang it on normal things, like your house, or even on trees, if you're out there chasing Bigfoot.

Video are recorded in the AVI format, and still images in JPEG. There's night vision, too, thanks to the 15 infrared LEDs. The camera is perfectly capable of getting video and still images up to 32 feet away. Videos and images taken by the camera are stored on the 2GB microSD card that's available in the box, but it can handle up to 32GB of storage. It runs on four AA batteries, and there's a USB port that allows you to transfer the pictures and video easily. The OutBack cam will be made available soon, and it will retail for about $150.

Press Release

Rugged, weather-proof case houses a 2 megapixel camera & DVR ideal for a variety of remote monitoring applications

Santa Fe Springs, Calif. – (August 5, 2010) – Swann Security, the global leader in security monitoring solutions, proudly announces its most versatile camera and video recorder to date – OutbackCam™. With its 2 megapixel color camera, built-in DVR, night vision capabilities and multi-faceted mounting options, OutbackCam™ is the ultimate choice for a myriad of monitoring solutions.

Housed in a rugged, all-weather case, the OutbackCam™ is capable of capturing crystal clear still images or videos in color or black & white with its 2 megapixel camera. Recording is triggered either by motion detection or a pre-scheduled date/time that is activated on the internal menu and LCD display.

Users can choose whether they want to record AVI videos or JPEG still pictures. Night vision is made possible thanks to 15 infrared LEDs, capable of capturing images up to 32' away. All surveillance footage is stored on the internal DVR, which comes with a 2GB removable SD card, but is capable of handling a 32GB SD card.

Backing up video is simplified through a USB port contained inside the weather-proof housing. Best of all, the OutbackCam™ runs on 4 AA batteries and can be mounted to trees, posts or flat surfaces with the included strap. The OutbackCam is so durable, it's tougher than the Australian outback!

Additional OutbackCam™ Key Specifications

Day, time & moon phase stamping for precise tracking

2GB SD card included, capable of accommodating a 32GB SD card

Night vision range up to 32'

2 megapixel color camera with wide viewing angle of 55°

Internal LCD display & controls make for easy operation

Video resolution: 640 x 480

Video frame Rate: 30 fps

Still image resolution: 1600 x 1200 (High) / 1280 x 1024 (Low)

Multiple still image capture: Yes (3)

Swann's OutbackCam™ has a MSRP of $149.99 U.S. / $149.99 CAD and will be available through Swann's network of retailers.

For more information on Swann's OutbackCam™, please contact PR Representative Brian Metcalf at (305) 576-1171 x11 or at brianmetcalf@maxborgesagency.com or go to www.swannsecurity.com.

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