Swag! Giveaway On SlashGear

I recently attended the AMD Microsoft Tech Tour 2007 which was a blast. It was a small show, as they travel to various cities in the US, it is only attended by small groups in the region. There were about a dozen vendors showing off their goodies and of course, giving out swag.

Swag is always one of the best parts of the shows we go to, because it gives us something to pass along to you guys. You can see from the picture above that there isn't the huge amount of swag that you'd see from some of the larger shows, but there are still some goodies. Surprisingly, not many people were handing out shirts at this event, which is upsetting because I could really use some new clothes.

You'll notice a tiny speck attached to a small wrist strap at the bottom of the picture, that's a 512MB flash drive from AMD. I took a closer shot of that one just because it's so small. I've read about sticks of flash memory this small before, but this is the first time I've actually seen one up close. We'll be giving it, along with the rest of the swag in that picture to you guys at some point. Check out our forums for info on upcoming giveaways.