Suzuki shows off Every electric van in Japan

The number of EVs on the streets around the world will only continue to grow as technology improves and the EV gets more driving range and faster charging. There will come a tipping point eventually when the EV can drive long enough that consumers finally leave the range anxiety that plagues many drivers behind. Suzuki is showing off its first EVs by creating a handful of its small Every vans that are battery powered and handing them out to dealers.

Suzuki is working hard on getting a production EV to market, but ahead of that production vehicle, it is testing the waters with the Every van that it has converted from the gas-powered version. The company made 13 of the vans and gave them to dealerships on a trial basis. The van uses a lithium-ion battery pack and electric motors.

The battery packs needs five hours to charge fully. The driving range is only 62 miles and that will vary depending on how the car is driven. The battery pack and electric gear adds 441 pounds to the van compared to the gas version. However, the cargo carrying capacity is the same at 551 pounds.

[via AutoBlog Green]