Suzuki Motor Corp unveils all-new Alto minicar

Suzuki is more known for motorcycles in the US, but in years past, it has sold cars and SUVs in the US under its own brand. Suzuki pulled out of the US market for cars but in other parts of the world Suzuki still sells cars and the automaker has unveiled its latest all-new model. The car is an all-new version of the Alto microcar and it was unveiled in Japan on December 22.

The Alto has been a popular model since its launch in 1979. So far, Suzuki has sold 4.83 million units. The new version unveiled this week is the eight generation of the car and has been lightened by 60kg. Less weight means better performance and fuel economy.

The reduced weight and improved efficiency adds up to fuel economy of 37.0km/l, which Suzuki says is the best fuel economy for a non-hybrid gasoline vehicle in Japan. The new Alto weighs 610kg and features an auto engine start/stop system.

Suzuki uses a CVT transmission in the car and some models get an Auto Gear Shift system that is a first for Suzuki mini passenger vehicles. That system uses an electro-hydraulic system to operate the clutch and gearshift in a manual transmission. Pricing is unannounced at this time.

SOURCE: Suzuki