Suunto introduces app, wearables for connected living

Nate Swanner - Jul 11, 2014, 2:58pm CDT
Suunto introduces app, wearables for connected living

Suunto is announcing a lineup of connected devices for the active adventurer. From software to hardware, Suunto is covering their bases, bringing in a smartphone app as well as a lineup fo smartwatches and a heart-rate monitor. They app and hardware be used independently of one another, too — but work best when you link it all together.

The Movescount App from Suunto will be made available for iOS devices, and is what the company describes as “the heart of the Suunto Connected Family”. The general aim of the app itself is media, where pics are tagged with your real-time speed traveled or other details.

Suunto will also take your tagged locations and pictures, then render them into a 3D movie you can share. Suunto has a sample video of a recent mountaineering adventure, where a 3D rendering of the mountain gives way to pics that have been automatically spliced in. If you pair the app to a Suunto watch, you can customize the watch via the app, all while on the go.

Their Ambit3 smatwatches come in two varieties — Sport, and Peak. The Sport is meant for those who like to run, swim, or cycle. It’s got a GPS for accurate pacing and route navigation, and the heart-rate monitor keeps you in the healthiest zone possible. It can even track your heart-rate while swimming!

The Peak is Suunto’s flagship smartwatch, and offers double the battery life (up to 50 hours, Suunto says) in GPS mode. The successor to the Ambit 2, Suunto notes it has “route navigation, barometric information, altimeter with FusedAlti™, 3D compass and other outdoor specific features.”

Along with their new heart-rate sensor, which can be attached to any chest-strap, the lineup will be available in September. Suunto promises more information on the Android version of their app at a later date.

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