Surveyor SRV-1 WiFi webcam robot

If WowWee's Rovio whet your appetite for a remote-controlled WiFi webcam robot, but it's just too big to surreptitiously scurry around your office, then how about the Surveyor SRV-1 Mobile Robot.  Small enough to fit into a (relatively meaty) palm, the SRV-1 connects via WiFi b/g and can beam back video from its 1.3-megapixel camera.Video demo of the SRV-1 after the cut

Two laser pointers are used to avoid obstacles, and the 7.4V rechargeable battery is good for around 4hrs use.  As with the Rovio, control is over the internet via a simple web interface; Surveyor's software is open-source, too, so it should be devilishly straightforward to integrate the SRV-1 into your own project. 

The SRV-1's brain is a 500MHz Blackfin BF537 CPU with 32MB of RAM and 4MB of flash memory.  That means plenty of space to add your own hacks and modifications, such as Surveyor's own RCM microcontroller or their upcoming GPS add-on.  The Surveyor SRV-1 robot is available now, priced at $479.99.

[via technabob]