Survey shows half of mobile game revenue is generated by .15% of gamers

Shane McGlaun - Feb 27, 2014
Survey shows half of mobile game revenue is generated by .15% of gamers

A new survey is making the rounds that shows an interesting fact, a tiny amount of mobile gamers account for half of mobile game revenues. The survey was conducted by a company called Swrve. Swrve used data collected from tens of millions of gamers to get its numbers, and the numbers are impressive.

Swrve’s survey found that about half of all in-game revenue for mobile games comes from .15% of the player base for the game. A previous report from Swrve that was released last month found that only 1.5% of all mobile gamers purchase anything in-app. Out of that 1.5% of people that buy items in-app, 49% of them made a single purchase.

Only 13% of those that buy items in game purchased five or more times. The average amount for an in-game purchase is $5.94. The survey showed that 67% of all spending in game was in the $1 to $5 range. If you have every played a game that relied on in-game purchases, you know that while many of the items are in that $5 and under range, there are typical some that can run $50 or more.

The survey shows that those big items selling for $50 or more made up .7% of all in-game purchases, but accounted for 9% of the total revenue for games. The CEO of Swrve, Hugh Reynolds, noted that it is a “special thing” for players to be monetized effectively, but notes that most people are conditioned not to buy anything in games because the main audience is used to playing games without paying.

SOURCE: GamesIndustry

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