Survey shows 62% of teens want to buy the iPhone

Analytics firm Piper Jaffray has offered up the latest iteration of its twice-yearly survey of teenagers around the United States. The survey looks at all sorts of things that gadget fans don't care about including the favorite restaurants for teens and their favorite clothing brands. However, the report does looking digital devices and specifically seeks out what type of smartphone teenagers plan to purchase.

According to the survey, 91% of teens say that their next high-tech device purchase will be a smartphone. That's an increase from 86% in the same time period of last year. Looking at the gadget market overall, 59% of teens surveyed said that they are likely to purchase an iOS device while 21% are likely to buy Android. The survey also showed that 70% of teens from high-income families prefer iOS.

The survey considers high-income families to have a household income of at least $104,000. The survey also found that 48% of teens already own the iPhone compared to 40% last fall. Another interesting tidbit is that 62% of teens surveyed plan on purchasing the iPhone as their next mobile device, which is the same percentage from last fall.

Nearly a quarter of teens the planned by an Android smartphone at 23%, which is a slight increase from 22% last fall. Among tablet owning teens, the iPad is most popular with 68% owning the iPad. However, that percentage is down from 72% previously. The analytics firm compiled this report using responses offered during classroom visits and electronic surveys of 1600 teens from high-income families and 3600 teens from average income families making $54,000.

[via CNN]