Survey Says: Consumers want easier, not cooler gadgets

According to a new survey, more than half of American and British consumers would rather have an easy to use gadget that works consistently, than a "cool," but complicated gadget.  The survey also says that while consumers will embrace innovation and pay extra for smarter devices that can automatically handle their daily needs, but they're becoming extremely frustrated with gadgets that freeze or crash on a regular basis.  Does this mean that new technologies are moving faster than the public can embrace them?  The survey seems to suggest so.

The survey of more than 2,000 American and British consumers focused on electronic devices such as mobile phones and computers, TVs and other household appliances and even digital cameras.  There was strong market appeal for saving time and money, as well as green solutions that will save energy and help the environment (73%, for instance said they would spend more for devices that were energy efficient).

But what was really interesting is the amount of frustrated consumers who have to deal with crashing devices on a daily basis – 53 percent.   And nearly half said manufacturers should devote more resources to focusing on a limited number of functions and applications, rather than developing a wide array of gadgets that get little use.

So while the "cool factor" will never really go away, clearly consumers are graduating to functional as well.

[via Telegraph UK]