Survey: 29% of people would sacrifice a finger to keep Internet

Many debate which is worse: a slow Internet connection or no Internet connection. For some, a complete lack of an Internet connection is something horrifying enough they'd rather sacrifice one of their fingers in exchange for keeping it. At least, that's according to a recent survey in the UK conducted by, which asked participants if they'd rather have a finger removed or lose their Internet access. Of those surveyed, 29-percent said they'd rather lose a finger. Hopefully not the use they use to swipe.

The survey, of course, shows the preference of only those who were surveyed, but it did look at a rather substantial number with 2,500 individuals questioned. Of those, nearly one third — almost one in three people — would sacrifice one of their fingers if it meant getting to keep a broadband Internet connection.

That number might actually increase if the participants were forced to make the decision, however, as another 25-percent of the participants said they couldn't decide which of the two they'd rather keep. Of course, losing a finger is a pretty substantial lose, but for some losing the Internet could feel worse.

The Internet provides a vital connection with the outside world that some may not otherwise be able to enjoy; it likewise has become so ingrained in modern life that trying to get by without it would be very inconvenient — if not impossible in certain situations.

SOURCE: BetaNews