Surveillance cam blinder

This nifty little DIY gadget is for all of you out there that are sick of all the big brother-ism going on. The site with the actual instructions is in some foreign language that I couldn't even recognize let alone read, but essentially it seems to be a ring of Infrared Lights powered by a battery pack and attached to a headband.

The IR light produces a horrid bright white spot where your head should be on most, if not all, surveillance cameras, as you can see from the image above. It could serve a dual purpose though, it could be used for seeing at night too I suppose, if you were to integrate some really bright LEDs into there.

Now, if you are wearing this and the cams aren't just recording, but someone is actually watching them, and its broad daylight, there might be some people with some questions for you. That would be due largely in part to the fact that this clearly has far more nefarious uses than just keeping yourself off of the radar. The project name is apparently "Infrared Against Surveillance Cameras" for those that are really interested.

[via Make]