Surfango’s PowerKayaks Have Gas

James Allan Brady - Aug 2, 2007

Surfango’s version of a kayak is a large piece of buoyant plastic with a seat, gas tank, and four-stroke motor. Instantly you go from paddling all day to cross a lake to steering your gas powered kayak across the lake in a matter of minutes.

Portages are entirely out of the question either with the boat only weighing 120 pounds. The two gallon gas tank means you should be able to go a decent distance (I would assume on par with some gas powered mopeds) without having to refuel. If longer distances are your desire then the various waterproof compartments and the cornucopia of surface mounting space for extra fuel containers should suffice.

The kayak comes in two styles, one is open, which makes for an easy escape if you tip, the other, is fully enclosed, and more aerodynamic, but harder to exit in the event of you being upside down in water. They start at $2899 and appear to be available now, have fun emptying the gene pool.

Surfango’s PowerKayaks Haul Aquatic Ass [via Gizmodo]

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